Russian-Polish Legal Day

October 24, 2013

Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Center, Moscow, Russian Federation

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The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Conference Center

The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Conference Center assists in organization of various business events and offers full package services to arrange conferences both in Russia and abroad on the most favorable terms. The company also provides a full range of consulting and marketing services including administration and financial management, transport and hotel logistics or solution of particular technical problems. Among the projects of the Conference Center is organization of the annual St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Guest Conferences under the auspices of the forum in London, the Hague and Rome, delegate management of the II Moscow Urban Forum etc.

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Moscow City Bar Association

Moscow City Bar Association is a non-state non-commercial organization based on compulsory membership of the bars of Moscow. Currently Moscow City Bar Association consists of 8485 practicing bars.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland is the Polish government department aimed at maintaining Poland’s international relations and coordinating its participation in international and regional supra-national political organizations such as the European Union and United Nations. According to the mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its main task is to pursue the interests of the Republic of Poland through European and global cooperation for security, democracy and development of the country.

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest national stock exchange in the CEE and one of the fastest-growing exchanges in Europe. WSE Group offers a wide range of products and services within its trading markets of equity, derivative, fixed income and structured products; it also distributes market data. WSE is one of the most recognizable Polish financial institutions worldwide. The WSE is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges and the Federation of European Securities Exchanges.

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland

The Ministry of Justice is a governmental administration authority and it provides the service of the Minister of Justice. It operates on the basis of the Statute issued under Regulation no. 25 of the Prime Minister of 30 March 2010 and the organizational rules and regulations, including any attachments thereto.

The Minister of Justice is a supreme, one-person authority of the governmental administration. The President of the Republic of Poland appoints and dismisses the Minister of Justice at a request of the Prime Minister.

Polish Embassy in Moscow

The Embassy of Poland in Moscow is the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Poland to the Russian Federation located at Klimashkina Street 4, Moscow. The Polish embassy occupies a purpose-built building of modernist design, incorporating Polish national motifs which is sited on a special diplomatic compound. The compound is, in accordance with diplomatic protocol, considered part of the territory of the Polish Republic; for this reason the ambassador’s residence is located there. The Embassy also hosts the Cultural Center of Poland in Moscow.

The Polish Bar Council

The Polish Bar Council is a free and autonomous organization of advocates — the professional selfgovernment. The Polish Bar Council consists of lawyers and trainees. It was established to provide legal assistance, assure cooperation in the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms and to ensure Advocacy’s role in the development and application of the law.

The Russian Corporate Counsel Association (RCCA)

The Russian Corporate Counsel Association (RCCA) - established in 2003 as a platform for exchanging experiences among the heads of legal departments of various companies, nowadays the RCCA is the leading association of professional lawyers in Russia which unites the lawyers of Russian and international companies and promotes the consolidation of legal society’s positions and development of the social institutions.

Media Partners:

Association of Russian Lawyers

Association of Russian Lawyers is an All-Russian non-governmental organization which brings together practicing lawyers, academics, government representatives and public persons.

Association has more than 24 550 members, 83 regional departments and 26 commissions.

It operates in a wide range of business dimensions including public evaluation of draft laws, enhancement of legal education, pro bono, etc. 38 regional departments of Association of Russian Lawyers are accredited as independent experts for anti-corruption checking of laws and regulations.


LexisNexis is the leading provider of international legal information which includes legislation, commentaries and precedents of the USA, UK, EU, offshore countries. It also contains companies and biographical information, sanction lists, PEP-lists as well as international mass media archive.

LexisNexis is used by largest Russian and foreign corporations, government institutions, law firms and universities. Users of LexisNexis services are practicing lawyers, Risk, AML & Compliance specialists and scholars.


LEXPRO can be described as an “intelligent” system which allows to receive search results based on the legal analysis rather than simply on the presence of certain keywords entered by a user (which is the way most of the currently available Russian databases work). This approach underlies the whole idea of LEXPRO and makes it a professional legal system. One of the key characteristics of the LEXPRO concept is that the user does not have to search for information on a particular topic as all necessary material has already been put together by a team of leading Russian lawyers. Owing to the abovementioned features, LEXPRO satisfies the need of professional users to minimize the time for the search of the necessary information and the wishes of non-professional users to obtain a guaranteed accurate information on issues of interest. Furthermore, LEXPRO can be successfully used for educational purposes since the principles behind the system and its internal structure fully correspond to legal doctrine and the logic of the legal science. A significant advantage of LEXPRO is the largest database of legislation, court decisions, commentaries and other sources, totaling over 8 million documents.

“Novaya advokatskaya gazeta” (“New bars’ magazine”, “AG”)

“Novaya advokatskaya gazeta” (“New bars’ magazine”, “AG”) is a research and practice magazine of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation meant not only for bars but for all practicing lawyers. Issued since 2007 twice a month, the magazine is a 16-page edition on paper in the A3 series format. Considering professionalism as the main feature of a lawyer, “AG” pays much attention to practical experiences and recommendations from the most skilled colleagues on complicated topical issues of law enforcement and legal profession. “AG” publishes academic papers and analytics on all the branches of Russian and international law; interviews dedicated to the most interesting law cases; court reports; materials related to urgent issues of the development of modern society and legal profession. “AG” invites everybody to take part in discussions which often evolve on its pages. For more information, archive editions and online copies, visit the website

Discussions on publication are on the "AG"’s official account on Facebook.


Pravo.Ru is the only one Global Legal Information Project on Russian market serving as a wide-range professional counsel — a developed media and analytical gateway.

Pravo.Ru accumulates a solid volume of legal, social, political and business information, covering various affairs, endorsing professional point of view, promoting transparency of legal community.

The target audience of this website comprises businessmen, lawyers, journalists, political analysts and official persons representing the legislative branch.

Russian state juridical newspaper “ej-JURIST”

“ej-JURIST” is a Russian juridical weekly newspaper; it publishes latest news, opinion and facts about legislation, and law application practice; it also performs the analysis of legal practice in different law sectors and systems and answers readers’ questions.

The newspaper is oriented to professional judges, lawyers, notaries; it will be also helpful for law students, businessmen, for companies which have no legalists or HRs in the staff, for accountants, auditors, tax officers.

The “Arbitration Court” (“Treteyskiy sud”) magazine

The “Arbitration Court” (“Treteyskiy sud”) magazine provides its readers with useful current information on the development of Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods in Russia and abroad, to wit, arbitration, international commercial arbitration, mediation and many others. Our readers are professional lawyers, judges, arbitrators, businessmen, government officials, academics, and so on. Article writers are renowned experts in arbitration regulation, mediation and economic conflict resolution.

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law (UJBL) has been published in English since 2003 on a monthly basis and covers both the most relevant issues regarding doing business in Ukraine and indicative international experience. The Journal’s readers include managers and lawyers of leading international and Ukrainian companies; visitors and employees of foreign embassies in Ukraine; representatives of international organizations and think tanks; members of leading business and law associations; participants of local and global conferences.

The “Yurist” publishing group

The “Yurist” publishing group began its way in 1993 with foundation of the “Yurist” magazine. On this basis the largest law publishing house was established which currently releases more than 60 academic law editions, hundreds of scientific, educational and methodical literature items in an edition of over 300 000 copies; more than 400 issues of magazines, newspapers, monographs and books on all branches of the Russian law, as well as history, political and social science and economics are published annually.

The editors-in-chief of the magazines and the newspaper are scientists from the best Russian law schools, renowned Russian lawyers, public persons and statesmen who present the publishing house in leading legal centers of Russia — Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and the others.

The “Yurist” publishing group won recognition from academic community (some magazines were included into the list of academic editions by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles), legal corporation (in 2008 the publishing house was awarded with the highest law prize “Femida”) and media sector (magazines were included into the “Golden Fund of the Russian media”).

Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA)

Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) — all-Ukrainian public organization, founded in 2002 to bring together lawyers for a strong and influential professional community, which would become a powerful voice of the legal profession of Ukraine.

Along with the common goal of implementing the Rule of Law, increasing legal awareness and legal culture in society, the Ukrainian Bar Association is committed to the development of the legal profession, improvement of legislation, implementation of ethical standards in provision of legal services, protection of professional rights of the UBA members and human rights in general.

From the moment of its foundation the UBA have been constantly expanding its activities, as well as the number of tasks to be performed. With such rapid development the organization remained on the fundamental postulates of its existence: independence, openness, indifference towards politics, democracy, equality of members, etc.

The activities of the UBA are fully based upon personal initiative and commitment of its members. After ten years of dedicated work the UBA remains the most dynamic and active organization of lawyers in Ukraine, that expand its activities abroad and take a proactive stance on many issues of legal life in Ukraine.

The UBA unites over three thousand lawyers from all regions of the country, including attorneys, notaries, scholars, judges, civil servants, MPs and well-known scientists in the field of law. Student division of the UBA consists of more than fifteen hundred future lawyers from more than fifty educational institutions of Ukraine.

The priorities of the Ukrainian Bar Association are as follows:

  • building effective relationship with government authorities, professional lobbying;
  • active participation in the legal society and in the new Bar self-government;
  • participation in the lawmaking process and developing proposals to improve the existing legislation;
  • promoting the regional development of the UBA and its expansion;
  • development of international cooperation with world Bar associations and societies, holding joint conferences and meetings;
  • protection of professional rights of UBA members;
  • maintaining public control over the activities of public authorities.

Ukrainian Bar Association since 2006 is a member of the International Bar Association (ІBA), it maintains close relations with the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and the American Bar Association (ABA).

Ukrainian Bar Association cordially welcomes all like-minded people to join our organization to work together to translate our common ideas and goals into practice.

Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients

Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients has been published in English annually since 2003 and has gained the reputation of a reliable market guide to top law firms and practitioners in Ukraine. The Handbook provides a comprehensive report on Ukrainian legislative background and reports on the annual trends in the development of the Ukrainian legal market by practice areas and separate players. The publication is available on-line:

Yuridicheskiy Konsultant

The “Yuridicheskiy Konsultant” ("Legal Adviser") Journal has been published since 1993 and is mostly delivered by subscription.

The Journal puts focus on academics’ and practitioners’ commentaries and explications on the Russian law urgent issues; information on law-drafting activities; reviews of current legislation; data on conferences, seminars, press conferences, and other events within the legal community. It also contains interviews with presidents of governmental organizations and bodies, as well as with public persons regarding activity of court system, advocacy, notarial system, public prosecution and law-enforcement agencies. Reviews of judicial practice play a prominent role in the journal as well.

"Yurydychna Gazeta"

“Yurydychna Gazeta” — the Ukrainian professional periodic legal mass-media, founded in 2003.

“Yurydychna Gazeta” — is a professional newspaper of the Ukrainian lawyers, which covers actual topics of the legal community.

The newspaper publishes relevant legal information, professional analysis, interviews, news, trends, forecasts, and highlights topical issues of law and justice. Considerable attention is paid to the practical recommendations and comments of leading experts, and of course “Legal Business” theme.

The mission and vision of the company:

  • Forming of the modern legal consciousness;
  • Improvement of the legal culture of the Ukrainian lawyers;
  • Legal correctness, pluralism.

The target audience of the newspaper: the Ukrainian lawyers, judges, prosecutors, law firm partners, corporate lawyers, legal advisers, law firm managers, law students etc.

Weekly print circulation: 10,000 copies. is the first Russian social network for legal professionals. The project is developed by Zakon Publishing Group.

It is a universal legal portal where you can find topical interviews, cases analytics from the Supreme Court of Arbitration of the Russian Federation, professional blogs of leading lawyers and law firms and breaking legal news.